The danceschool

LTdans wants to create a connection between the residents of Katendrecht, Rotterdam citizens and the world citizen, as a danceschool and cultural enterprise. We want to help create a communion in which the art of dance can contribute to the social environment and the community itself. We are the first danceschool at Katendrecht and always look forward to share our vision with fellow residents of Katendrecht and Rotterdam. To learn from one another, to work together and to create together. The establishment at Katendrecht can create a nice cultural and artistic connection between the centre and south of Rotterdam.



Both of us are specialised in different disciplines within the art of dance. As two creative entrepreneurs we have put down an innovative danceschool with a broad range of dancestyles.

Beside our regular danceclasses we offer:


- Dance and inspirational workshops for your company

- Project weeks in school holidays

- Children's danceparties


Fenix Flex Factory


Above Fenix Food Factory you can find the Fenix Flex factory, an entrepreneurial village in which we have settled. For more information: