About LT

Welcome at LTdans,
an innovative danceschool

at Katendrecht.

Who are we?

Two enterprising dancers and dancing entrepreneurs. We want to deepen the culture of dance in Rotterdam and Katendrecht. We add something new to the already flourishing dance culture of Rotterdam. We have settled at Katendrecht, an upcoming place which is soon the place to be. Rotterdam represents renewal and collaboration.

Lieke Verheul

Founder of LTdans, dancer, dance teacher and choreographer.


In 2012 Lieke graduated Northern Ballet School as performing classical ballet dancer. At NBS she received all of the Royal Academy certificates till Advanced level. Beside these certificates she obtained her Classical Ballet Diploma in Dance Education of the ISTD Teaching qualifications. During her education at NBS she was part of the corps the ballet during the productions of Giselle and the Nutcracker of Manchester City Ballet of the year 2010 and 2011.


At July 2016 she graduated from Codarts, University of the Arts, with her Bachelor of Dance in Education. During her studies at Codarts she was a dancer in choreographies of Hilde Elbers, Jérôme Meyer and Neel Verdoorn. In the year of 2013 she was part of the christmas show "the Nutcracker" of the Dutch Don't Dance Division led by Rinus Sprong and Thom Stuart. In 2014 she made the choreography for the theatre production "Pippin", the yearly theatreproduction of the student union Sanctus Virgillius. Beside this she dances at special and interesting locations in which she takes her environment as an inspiration for her improvisation. At this moment she works with different artists, photographers and visual artists. She likes to discover new ways of using art and theatre. She thinks art disciplines could and should reinforce one another. In addition to teaching at LTdans, she teaches ballet at the Codarts Circus Department and childrens and adult classes at Centrum voor de Kunsten Spijkenisse.


Lieke has more than 9 years of teaching experience in different dancestyles and age groups. She loves to vary in teaching, from classical ballet, body awareness and contemporary dance for adults to childrens dance for the smallest ones. Her classes are always full of fun, discovery and musicality. In addition she finds the understanding of body and mind a very important subject in danceclass. She makes sure every dance class will be challenging for everyone attending. She thinks dance can provide in confidence, awareness, health and fun. Dance according to her is a step towards discovering and understanding yourself and the world around you. Lieke teaches modern dance, body awareness and different children's classes.

Tamar Riani

Founder of LTdans, dancer, dance teacher and choreographer.


From the age of eight years old Tamar was already singing, acting and dancing with great fun at the MZK musicalschool at Kennermerland. A few years later she did an audition for the pre-education of Danshuis Haarlem and continued her education. The discovery of her passion for teaching started while she was working as an assistent teacher at different toddler and childrensclasses. In 2010 she created the choreographies for the school musical.


After high school she was approved at Codarts, University of the Arts. In July 2016 she graduated with her Bachelor of Dance in Education. During her studies she danced in different choreographies of Hilde Elbers, Jérôme Meyer, Filip van Huffel and Neel Verdoorn. In 2015 she danced ProProsition, a choreography of Kamil Pilarski. She toured around different theatres in Holland and Poland. In October 2015 she went to Israël for one month to follow gaga classes (a dance language created by Ohad Naharin). During her stay she auditioned for the Dance Journey Program of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. Because of her plans with Lieke to establish LTdans she decided to stay in Holland even though she was accepted for the program. Besides teaching Tamar loves to discover her abilities as an dance artist and choreographer.


During her graduation at Codarts Tamar specialised in Jazz, dance and music. At this time she made her first choreography with amateurdancers, after which she wanted to develop herself as a dancemaker. In September 2016 she started her first jazzpiece "For You" with professional dancers. An investigation to the connection and energy of jazzmusic and jazzdance.


Keywords in her danceclass are safety and fun. Making connection with the body, awareness, music, expression, energy and experiencing dance. Tamar teaches tap, jazz dance and different children's dance.